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Ava & Luc

Ava & Luc was born in September 2010 after the owners found that their high expectations of children's clothing were not being met.  Fed up with pastel blues, pale pinks, ‘cutesie’ prints and highly impractical garment design (if you’ve ever tried to get a round neck T shirt over a 12 month child’s head or had a toddler cry about a logo label irritating their neck when you’re out and about with no scissors with you, you’ll identify with the problems they faced!)


They started to sketch out what they felt would be an ‘ideal’ sleepsuit, bib, T shirt and pair of pyjamas, then canvassed friends and family for opinions.  After lots of positive feedback, they set about manufacturing a capsule collection of clothing with an ethical supplier based in India, where the collection is made by adults, who are paid a fair wage and who work in good conditions and reasonable hours.


All Ava & Luc items are manufactured using only the finest luxurious, soft organic cotton and are dyed using only ecologically sound non-toxic dyes. Every last detail has been carefully considered in terms of design and comfort, and each item has been tried and tested to ensure that it is absolutely perfect!

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